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      InnoLight to Show Case Advanced Optical Transceiver Solutions for DC/AI at OFC 2024


      SAN DIEGO, March 20, 2024 -- InnoLight Technology, the global leading optical solutions provider, announced that it will show case a broad portfolio of 800G and 1.6Tbps silicon photonics transceiver solutions for AI and Data Center applications at the 2024 OFC Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, March 26-28 in booth #2625.

      "In the past few years, InnoLight has invested significant resource in development of silicon photonics integrated circuits (PICs) for a wide range of 400/800Gbps/1.6Tbps optical transceivers. With rapid growth for generative AI computing networking, we have seen increasing demand for our advanced silicon photonics optical transceivers, and our products are ramping up shipments from our state-of-the-art Thailand production facilities. At OFC, we will show case advanced 800G/1.6T silicon photonics high performance IMDD and coherent detection transceiver solutions for AI and data center applications" said Osa Mok, CMO of InnoLight.

      At OFC, InnoLight will demonstrate and show case silicon photonics transceiver solutions including:

      · Live demo of 1.6T-DR8 OSFP Module, with state-of-the-art in-house developed silicon photonics and linear driver/TIA, at low power and low latency. Will also demonstrate interoperability link with re-timed based 800G-DR4 OSFP.

      · Live demo of silicon photonics 800G-ZR OSFP Coherent Module, with in-house silicon photonics PIC based Coherent engine.

      · Joint demo of multiple 800G modules on-site based on the Arista 51.2Tbps switch

      · Live demo of PCIe Gen. 6 8x64Gbps OSFP transceiver

      · Joint demo of silicon photonics 800G-DR4+ OSFP with Marvell at Marvell booth #2225.

      · Joint demo of 800G-2xDR4 and 800G-2xFR4 OSFP with MACOM at booth #3025.

      In addition, InnoLight will present "Optical connectivity solutions for Generative AI" at Market Watch panel II: "Inside the data center focused on AI/ML" on March 26.

      About InnoLight

      InnoLight is a world leader in providing a wide range of high-speed optical solutions for optical communication networking, especially for AI and Data Center applications, with global footprints in California, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Suzhou China. For more information, please visit www.innolight.com.

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